Posted by on 2012-07-10

A day in L.A.

Recently I have been dealing a lot with video. Tool, the company I work for here in LA, specializes in live action content. We do many different interactive projects, but video always plays a role in it.

I have never been too much into film, but when in Rome… so I started by looking at different techniques to blend video with interactive - like applying filters in realtime, tracking motion in 2D and 3D and compositing video with realtime content. I love to learn new stuff and some of the software used in VFX is pure magic - like ex. Mocha. I hope that I'll have time to post some demos soon.

Meanwhile, I realized that I never made a single video myself and that it might be worth trying doing just that: to grab a camera, go out and shoot something, then edit it and put together a short piece. I decided to skip the interactive part altogether for the moment and just focus on filming.

It turned out to be a pretty cool experience. You can watch the humble results above. If nothing else, it is a great way to move away from the keyboard for a while, go out there and see some live humans… I highly recommend!

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