Posted on 2024-03-05

Frieze & Springbreak Art Shows in LA

Doug Aitken / NOW / 2013 at Frieze LA

During LA Art Week in February 2024, I attended two events: Frieze at the Santa Monica Airport and SpringBreak in Culver City. Each fair offered a unique perspective on the contemporary art scene.

Frieze Art Fair: global art

For those who are involved in the art world, Frieze is a familiar name. Held every year at the Santa Monica Airport, Frieze is a hub for art enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals. The fair is a significant event, attracting close to 100 galleries from around the globe. The sheer volume of work on display was, to put it mildly, mind-blowing.

What I liked about Frieze was the chance to see the cross section contemporary art all in one place. Most of the work on display was brand new, dated to 2023 or 2024. The diversity of art styles, origins and topics was impressive.

Here's some of my favourites:

SpringBreak: youthful energy

In contrast to the grand scale of Frieze, SpringBreak in Culver City was a more intimate experience. It is a smaller event but full of youthful energy. Unlike Frieze, where galleries predominantly represent artists and showcase their work, SpringBreak brings artists and the public closer together, allowing for a personal connection between the creator and the viewer. The opportunity to engage in conversations with the artists added a lot to the experience.

Here's a few pieces that I enjoyed:

LA Art Week 2024 provided an opportunity to immerse myself in the global art scene, marking my first foray into the global network of artists, galleries, and art fairs.

Until this point, my engagement with contemporary art was largely limited to museum visits, where artworks often seem detached from their creative origins, making them distant and somewhat inaccessible.

In contrast, art fairs are lively, dynamic spaces, brimming with energy. They offer a more immediate glimpse into the creative process, often connecting us directly to the artwork and its origins.

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