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Porsche Cayenne GTS Campaing

Porsche Cayenne GTS Campaing

The end od 2007 was a busy time for me at F-i. I was working on a project for Porsche, part of their global campaing promoting a new model of Cayenne – the GTS.

Together with the team in Fi we developed a site that revolves around the experience of engine sound in different Porsche models. The result of this effort is a minisite "Cayenne GTS, the bloodlines are unmistakable", that was launched end Jan 2008. When you check out the campaing site, be sure to turn your speakers on!

The TV ad that the website was based on

This projects marks an important milestone for me. First of all FI received a "FWA Site of the day" award for it. I think is was our 25th overall, but for me personally it's the first for a project that I worked on, so I was really happy.

I also happened to be my first AS3 project ever, and I was excited to discover that we finally have a full featured OOP language at our disposal. It was a huge boost of energy, after all these years of AS2 when there was almost nothing new to learn.


Feb 19th - Another distinciton, on WebDesignAwards this time. Sweet!

Feb 21st - I posted a short article on FI's blog ThinkSwedish about the sounds in the Porsche site (unfortunately the blog is now offline).

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