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Paperskate3D, a skateboard simulator in Papervision3D

Skateboard simulator in Papervision3D

A long, long time ago I used to skate. It was a time when Tony Hawk was still in his teens, boneless was the coolest trick and Future Primitive was the latest skateboarding movie, available exclusively on a VHS tape (remember those?).

I was never very successful at skateboarding. However, I always admired the smooth moves of the deck under the feet of guys more talented then myself. So, many years later I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to this sport, and Papervision3D seemed like the perfect tool. The execution however appeared a task much more difficult than I imagined. Fortunately, I had some free time in July and August so I sat to my desk and started coding. Today you can see the results.


As usual, I post all the source files – you can get them here (this time under CC license, not MIT). I also plan to write some technical details on how the application works soon. For the moment, I will just mention that it is built with Papervision3D and the animations are done with Tweener.

Now, no more talk! Just click here and bust some perfect ollies, dudes!

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