Posted by on 2009-01-06

The AS3Dmod tutorial

I did some research on blogs and on Twitter, and often when someone mentioned AS3Dmod, the recurring theme was the lack of documentation. Yeah… but creating proper documentation is such a difficult task!

First of all, it's hard to find enough free time. Then, even if you find some, most of us, including me, will always find it more fun to write code instead. Eventually, I profited of the calmer period in the last 3 weeks and made some progress with that. The result is the AS3Dmod tutorial.

In the tutorial you will find answers to the following topics:

Beside the tutorial there are API Docs available for some time now.

Another thing are simple interactive demos for each modifier. So far I created it for one: Skew. You can view it here. The demo allows to see all the properties and features of the modifier in action, instead of explaining it in writing. If this concept gets some positive feedback, I'll try to do more of those.

Hope you will find all this useful, and remember that feedback is very welcome (and much needed). And of course Happy New Year everyone!

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