Posted by on 2008-07-10

Tutorial: 3D photo album, FIVe3D and TweenLite

Recently I wrote a tutorial for The Tech Labs, and it has been published yesterday.

It is a tutorial which shows how to build a simple 3d photo album using the FIVe3D and TweenLite libraries. You can read it here. I hope you'll will find it useful!

The Tech Labs is a website recently started by Carlos Pinho. It "is intended to be a tool to contribute for the research, information and knowledge for the IT professionals as also for the non-techies." Be sure to check it out. There's already a few good tutorials in there and new stuff is coming every week.

Carlos also runs the Flash Enabled blog, which features cool stuff from all over the web. You will find there plenty of links to resources ranging from Photoshop tips, to Actionscript and Flash/Flex tutorials. It is a great source of information, so be sure to visit!

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