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Update: what’s up with AS3Dmod?

A few weeks passed since I wrote about the AS3Dmod library and released an initial version of the code. Some new stuff has happened since, so here's an update.

First of all AS3Dmod has a new team member – Makc. Makc has been involved in several AS open-source projects, most notably Sandy3D. You can read more about Makc, here, where you will also find some cool Flash experiments.

The code has also evolved, and was moved to a modest 0.2 version. The most important changes are some fixes in the imports that prevented the compilation of the project so far.

The 0.2 version has 5 new modifiers: Bloat, Twist, Taper, Skew and a UserDefined modifier that allows to create custom vertex manipulation and easily integrate it into the stack.

Other then that, there is now an ANT script that allows to compile the demos for all 4 engines, and also to generate API Docs. Of course the documentation is ever evolving, but the latest version is always available here. Please note, that API docs are synchronized with the contents of the SVN repository. The zipped sources available on the project home page are there for reference, but they quickly become outdated.

Last but not least, there already are a few demos that use AS3Dmod. I allowed myself to gather a short list of what I found out there:

Thanks to everyone! We will try to put in more and more features, document the code and also create a tutorial, so stay tuned.

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