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My presentation at Warsaw Flash Camp 2009

Warsaw Flash Camp 2009

On June 9th the Polish Adobe User Group organized a Flash Camp in Warsaw. It was the first meeting of this kind in Poland.

I had the privilege to be one of the speakers. It was a one day event featuring 6 sessions all related to Flash & Flex. It aroused great interest in the local Flash Community and more than 300 people attended

We kicked off in the morning with a very comprehensive presentation by Serge Jespers on the Flash Platform. Serge went through a lot of interesting projects including some of the best Augmented Reality examples. He also showcased his favorite AIR applications. Apparently AIR is not used only for Twitter clients! But seriously, I neglected this technology so far, but I promised myself to fix this in the near future. I'm looking for some ideas for a simple AIR app now… a Collada viewer maybe?

Next, the Platform Evangelist from Poland, Piotr Walczyszyn gave us an insightful presentation on Flash Catalyst and the new Flash Builder. I use FDT to do all my Flash stuff for some time now, so all the things he presented were totally new to me. I must say I was surprised how fast and efficient the new workflow is. Things like working directly with PSD files in Catalyst look great (how many hours have I spent "cutting" PSD files and importing them into Flash!) He build a complete application connected to a database without writing a single line of code! It was amazing… and a bit frightening too ;)

Wojtek Ptak made a great presentation about building large scale RIA's. Usually this kind of applications are not my primary interest but Wojtek showed us some really inspiring stuff and it was a pleasure to listen to him speaking.

Unfortunately I could not attend the other sessions, because I was rehearsing my own. It was my first public presentation, so I was pretty excited but also a bit nervous, especially that I did not expect such a huge crowd.

During my session, I focused on 3D in Flash (of course!). By showing some new and old demos I tried to explain the fundamental concepts of 3D graphics and how they are implemented in Actionscript. After my session I had a few minutes to answer some questions. Most of them were about Papervision3D, and the nature of those questions clearly showed that they were coming from very experienced developers. I did my best to answer all of them.

Overall it was a great experience, and I'd like to thank the organizers for inviting me. I like the idea of public speaking. It's a great way to share some thoughts and knowledge, but also, most importantly, to meet interesting people. I feel it nicely complements my blogging experience, so from now on I'll be looking for more speaking opportunities.


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